Music Recommendations

Artist: Slayer

Album: Christ Illusion

Year: 2006

Genre: Thrash metal

Artist: Megadeth

Year: 1986

Album: Peace Sells...But Who's Buying

Genre: Thrash metal

Artist: Carcass

Year: 1996

Album: Swansong

Genre: Death metal

Artist: Tenebre

Year: 1998

Album: Grim Ride

Genre: Death n' roll

Artist: Toxic Holocaust

Year: 2011

Album: Conjure and Command

Genre: Blackened thrash

Artist: Psychostick

Year: 2009

Album: Sandwich

Genre: Comedycore

Artist: Rise of the Northstar

Year: 2018

Album: The Legacy of Shi

Genre: Crossover Hardcore

Artist: Asylum

Year: 2022

Album: Tyrannicide

Genre: Thrash