I added images and created the other pages. I also created a css file.


Redid the navigation in CSS. Made it so it wouldn't interfere too much with the other text boxes. Added some more buttons and a new construction sign.


Tried to make the navigation centered, ended up reverting the navbar back to HTML nav but it's centered to underneath the title. I might keep it since it's simplified and where I wanted it. I redid the website to a blog site, I have no skill to do a gamedb site right now and I am hosting on Neocities. I found an image that will act as a header title for the website, kinda like an imageboard banner. I am trying to make a floating divbox that will better define borders.


Added a music page and a button page for the 88x31 buttons. Working on making the appropriate div box to display the album recommendations. I can't get the click here button to be next to "listen here." Currently the text is outside the container box. I added a new background as to not just have solid black. It works with the No Sleep image on top. May change later as you can clearly see the tiling with makeagif.com on it.


I fixed 98% of the problem in the music section. This website is now part of the Lainchan webring and there is a webring page for it now with a banner for this website. I also changed the background to something more uniform and a little darker. I also fixed the problem where clicking home on the homepage looks for the wrong filename.


Made a blog post.


Figured out how to get the div box to cover the whole section, cannot figure out how to center the bottom click here button. Fixed the opacity as it looks more dim on other devices than it did on my PC. Biggest challenge right now is to center the click here buttons in the music sections. I added another music recommendation.


Renamed a couple sections and changed the description on the home page. I added a new post and finally opened a guestbook.


Made a new post, added a new music review, added some of those fancy ass line boxes around my posts, cleaned up some inconsistencies, and somewhat updated the log page. Happy new year!


I added a new font to the website that took more time than it should've. I removed the background boxes on some of the text boxes and it makes the website look cleaner. The posts and music section got merged into one and the rant posts are now in it's own thoughts and rants catagory. The nav bar is green now, I hope to make it a better looking nav section soon.


I added a new post and slapped a picture of Lain on the homepage to give it something else and cause...Lain is everywhere. Let's all love Lain.


I added a new projects section to the home page replacing the giant Lain placeholder. To commemorate the new projects section there is one documenting my experiences in CLI. I was gonna redesign the whole site but I am fine with how it is now. Maybe some other time.


Made a new guestbook cause the old one disappeared for whatever reason. I also added a visitor counter cause why not.


After letting the site sit and rot for a bit I decided to redo the site a little and hopefully makes it easier to navigate and hopefully easier for me to maintain and update. I changed the webring page and added another page that will include websites of my personal discovery.


I added a little kitty to the homepage. If you click on him he chases the mouse pointer, I love it.


I updated the music section. Instead of giving shitty reviews I removed those altogether and omitted the click here button that was a bitch to work with and made the images clickable. Overall it looks cleaner.


I removed the blog section cause it was just the rambling mess of a tired depressed stoner despite that is how this website came into existence.


I added an SCM player to the music page, and a penis joke to the front page. The SCM player plays the full albums on that page using the links from the album covers you likely haven't noticed.


I put an about me page, kinda. I translated the table tags I used for this logs page and redesigned some of the pages to have a little more design consistency. I liked how it turned out.