Make your smart TV not suck as hard

Smart TV's suck. They're slow, bloated, and you can't do a whole lot with them. It's a little better if you use Jellyfin then you are still dealing with a laggy home menu depending on what kind of UI you are using or even home menu advertisements with audio. Let's fix that.

Find your devices IP

Simple enough, login to your router by going to either or in your web browser. Once prompted to login if you have not been prompted to set a password before you can type admin into the username and password field if your brand of router has no other preferences for the default values. Once your in you can find a list that has your clients connected to the router. Find where your TV is located and then copy the IP adddress is. I should note that the TV needs to be on for the device to show in the router.

Route all outgoing traffic back to itself

Now that you have your IP address for your TV now you gotta put special routing rules to that device. Go to the advanced settings in your router and find an option that could be called routing or something similar. This should set static routing rules for a device. Once you have found it put your IP that you copied in the network destination and set it's interface to LAN only. Set the subnet mask to, and make sure that the default gateway is This will make sure that any packets from your TV trying to go out to the internet will route back to itself. If it asks for a description just say it's a LAN only device or whatever you want to put there. Save it, and go back to your TV and try to load an app. If it fails to connect than you did what you needed to. If you have a Jellyfin server than test that and it should work.

What's the point of doing this?

This is for people that self host their own media server or use something like moonlight/sunshine to stream games. If you are using a WebOS TV than you should use root my tv before you attempt this to be able to install moonlight. Jellyfin is already on the app store but available through the homebrew store. If you have done this after your TV loses internet connection you may notice it runs faster. On my webos TV i noticed that the UI is smoother, the ads that take up 75% of the screen are no longer there after it stopped trying to load and I was left with the app menu and the input menu. Really, that's all I and anyone else need. Why should we have to be riddled with ads on a TV we payed for? It's concerning that the amount of network requests that your TV likely makes is enough to slow the TV down considerably. If you cannot use Jellyfin or any other home media server for any reason than I recommend getting an external hard drive and filling it with your DVD rips and playing them locally through the USB port on your TV. Most smart TV's have this feature now. I hope you consider this